Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Road through The Springs

The Emaar website says:

The Springs is a gated community of town houses with the community, scenic waterways and lush landscaping make a perfect environment for young families and couples.

It seems to have disappeared from the news outlets, but I remember there was a rumpus a while ago about a highway to be built through the community.

I received an update when a friend sent me this message and photos last week:

I visited my mum in the springs yesterday… and witnessed the beginnings of the dreaded "highway" that will be running through the Springs 2 until 4.

My mum said that the residents/neighbours she has spoken to are all in a state of shock. The palm trees have been torn down, and now the grass is being removed.


Mel in Dubai said...

Ah, but they're not "highways", they're "arterial roads" along the lines of Al Wasl and Beach Roads and part of the Parallel Road Project, according to a letter from Emaar distributed to Lakes, and I presume, Springs and Meadows residents a couple of weeks back. Mmm, three lanes in both directions, speed limit of 80km/h - low-end highway then!?

Article here -

Anonymous said...

This is one of the reasons why I would NEVER EVER buy any property in this country until the law not only change, but is being followed by those who issue it, and promises get respected by those who use them to get people's hard-earned money!

I just can't imagine that I buy a piece of property based on certain promises to find out that such promises do not deserve the ink they were written with and that overnight I might find out that I am supposed to accept ANYTHING without being consulted.

Today it is a highway, tomorrow a promised lake could disappear, or some landscape vanishes because it was found it could be used for something else.

I just hope, just a hope, that they do not put Salik gates on that "highway", and as usual with RTA, right in the middle of the Springs community.

Would they have pedestrian subways for safe road crossing? Would they have speed humps for speeding drivers? When? after how many deaths or casualties?

Good luck Springs residents .. no control on your property .. no control on the rising service fees .. I wonder what else is coming your way other than the highway.

alexander said...

Well, what about the right to read the newspaper of your choice?

redstar said...

What they're doing is simply unbelievable, more so when you consider the lack of info provided to residents. Scandalous. I'm looking forward to seeing this issue appear in the Western press. Takes the shine off the usual 'Dubai property paradise' puff pieces in the Daily Mail, doesn't it?

i*maginate said...


Anonymous said...

What do we think of the soundproof barriers that are supposedly being erected to keep down noise polution. Could these be something like the barriers around the airports do you think?

What a lovely community this will be!