Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The workers are revolting

Revolution in the streets!

More labourers are on the march - and I'm not surprised.

Following on from my comment yesterday about wages, it's reported that 600 construction company workers marched from their accommodation in Jebel Ali to Sheikh Zayed Road yesterday protesting about deductions from their wages for food.

The report in Gulf News says that their current wage is 'about Dh470'* a month and from that they are having Dh210 deducted for food supplied by the company.

They were transferred from Sharjah labour accommodation to Jebel Ali accommodation that doesn't have cooking facilities. As cooking is not allowed on the premises the company provides catering services, but they seem to be deducting 45% of their workers' wages to pay for it.

The Ministry of Labour is trying to mediate.

Amongst all the other laws that need updating, amending or creating, a minimum wages & conditions law surely has to be top of the urgent list.

*Dh470 = US$127.80 or £62.65

The Gulf News story is here.

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