Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Communication impossible

Around the world, when surveys are done to establish problems within companies the number one complaint is communication. Or lack of it.

The midday break violations, on which I commented yesterday, must have Dubai at the top of the Lack of Communication League. That's one of the 'firsts' or 'bests' we could well do without.

Yesterday we had most of the 10% of companies violating the rule giving the excuse that they didn't know about it.

It's been reported in the media, discussed on the radio, discussed at dinner parties and over drinks. Construction company management don't indulge in those things, obviously, so they're unaware of the rule.

Oh no, hang on, that's not right. It's not that the companies are unaware of the rule, that must have been misreporting. It's actually all the workers' fault.

According to today's report in Emirates Today, they insist on working a few minutes after the 12.30pm down-tools time and start again before the 3pm resumption. That's when most of the violations are detected.

Look, whatever the truth is talk to each other!

There is a rule in place. The Ministry needs to ensure that all companies concerned are fully aware of the rule. If necessary, make them sign and return the notice.

The companies need to ensure that the rule is known to and obeyed by both their supervisors and by their labourers.

It isn't rocket science is it.

The Emirates Today story is here.

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