Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Road rant

After my follow-on from the rant about company attitude, a follow-on to my regular rants about driving standards. Just a quick one but it's so typical of what we face every day we're on the roads.

I just drove from Dubai Marina to Mall of the Emirates. What's that, maybe seven or eight kilometres? Just a few minutes.

Here's the tally that I noticed, I'm sure there were more that I missed.

Deliberately driving through a red light: 1

Illegal U-turn into oncoming traffic whilst talking on a mobile phone: 1

Driving whilst talking on mobile phone: I counted seven.

Driving above the posted speed limit: Too many to count but more than half the drivers. I am not exaggerating - more than half.

Driving dangerously above the posted speed limit: 3

Dangerous lane-changing with no signal and at excessive speed: 2

Police cars: Zero


Haroun El Poussah said...

I am not sure what is more dangerous... the drivers you mentionned or the one looking at them instead of concentrating on the road :)

Seabee said...

That's why I only saw a few haroun, I was too busy watching the road. The ones I recorded were in my line of vision, in the rear-view mirror or I was taking evasive action to avoid them.