Monday, September 04, 2006

Simply not acceptable.

A few days ago I wrote about the lack of street cleaning in Dubai Marina, at the Jebel Ali end.

It's actually now much worse because several sites are pumping concrete so there's a never-ending stream of heavy tucks.

That's not a problem, it's what you expect around construction sites. also expect that the mess will be cleared up. And that's the problem, there is no street cleaning. In the area I'm referring to there are as many occupied buildings as construction sites. People live there. There are shops and offices. It's a community.

Three buildings across the roundabout are occupied. So is the one to the right of the car and two behind the photographer. Hundreds of residents have to fight this disgraceful situation every day.

The roads are even more dangerous than normal because there are piles of stones, sand, concrete, garbage all over them. Clouds of dust billow around, stones & gravel are kicked up whenever a vehicle passes. Sand is piled against the kerbs all around. Food and drink containers are blowing around.

This in one of Dubai's showcase prestige projects, yet it looks Third World.

Who is responsible? Somebody has to be, surely.

I've had no reply from the Municipality. A major developer tells me that it's Emaar's responsibility. Emaar's Customer Care Dept. tell me that someone from their Community Management Dept. will be contacting me.

Meanwhile, the problem builds.


nzm said...

It's pretty desperate isn't it? We took a drive down there the other day, and it gave the impression that we were in a war zone.

Seabee said...

Yep. And the answer is so simple - contractors to clean their rubbish up and normal street cleaning!

trailingspouse said...

Well according to Mr TS it's standard practice for contractors' to have a clause requiring them to keep not only their site clean, but the surrounding area. I would lay the blame primarily at their door and presumably the individual developers are not enforcing it. Of course you can imagine the finger pointing going on . . . "it's not our site, it's the guys next door". With so much construction taking place all at once it's impossible to pinpoint who the dirt/garbage belongs to.

nzm said...

Plus, everytime a strong wind blows, it all gets lifted out of the partially finished buildings and blown every which way.

You'd have all the developers arguing that it's not their rubbish because, look at our site, it's perfectly clean.

That's because, you morons, it's all on the streets!