Friday, September 08, 2006

Ban the bloggers!

It seems that blogging is a danger to society. From a report in 7Days:

In yet another case of a school administration trying to ban student blogging, three engineering students at a campus in Knowledge Village in Dubai have been suspended indefinitely, raising questions about freedom of speech and expression......A second year Chemical Engineering student has been suspended for posting the blog, while two others are being punished for posting responses, other students said.

If it's true that they were suspended for the act of blogging, as opposed to what was in the blog (which could have been inflamatory for example), it's a big concern.

Is the school administration stepping beyond its authority? The laws of the land are what matter, so I wonder what they say about it. Is it lawful for a college to suspend students for blogging, or leaving a comment on a blog? Can the students appeal to the Ministry of Education?

The article raises more questions than it answers.

Blog suspension

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halfmanhalfbeer said...

Seabee: I very seriously hope they were banned for something they wrote and not for the act of blogging as it were. It not you are right in saying that it raises a lot of very serious questions.