Thursday, August 24, 2006

Skype is 'national security risk'.

All around the world when the authorities are trying not to tell the truth they hide behind two things these days - the 'war on terror' and 'national security'.

One of the most ludicrous is from our very own Telecoms Regulatory Authority, with a spokesman, who sensibly wished to remain anonymous, patiently exlaining to us that VoIP was blocked in the UAE partly because "...there are aspects of national security..." The report is in 7Days.

I can't even be bothered to comment on such breathtakingly ridiculous misinformation.

But it is symptomatic of the refuge officials and politicians are running to when they're caught doing something indefensible. Whether it's invading other countries, detaining people in jail without trial, illegal wiretapping, racial profiling, tearing up international conventions, removing hard-won civil liberties, blocking's all in the name of 'security' or the 'war on terror'.

As such no-one can ask questions. If you do you're either supporting terrorism or you're endangering national security.

Here's another doozie, from one of our leading banks.

Money, OUR money, is deposited in the bank. A while later we decide to pay cash for a car. Go to the bank and ask for some of OUR money.

Cashier: “What do you want the money for?”

Me: (Thinks: What the ***’s it got to do with you) Says: “What?!”

Cashier: “Sorry, it’s bank policy. I have to ask what you are going to do with the money.”

Me: (Thinks: I’ll tell her it’s to buy a containerload of Kalashnikovs) Says: “Spend it.”

Cashier: Funny look.

Me: (Thinks: She’ll call the guards, they’ll call the police…) Says: “To buy a car.”

Cashier: (Handing over money) “Sorry, it’s security.”

Security? Where the hell does security come into it. There was no check on me, I said it was to buy a car, it really could have gone to buy a containerload of Kalashnikovs.


Herlock Sholmes said...

I would have written a post on my blog about a similar conversation I had with a bank teller last week, but i get so many nasty commetns that I decided to pass...

Annoying isn't it?

Seabee said...

Yes, my dear Sholmes, I'm sure we all have similar ridiculous exchanges with banks!

Balushi said...

you think u have issues??? Think again!

Once I went to a Doctor in a BIG repatuated hospital... with my leg injury from football, I could barely walk using my right feet!

as i walk into the doctors room and Limping towards his desk!

Doctor: What is your problem young man?

I: Nothing doc!

ArabLady said...

Oh yup they always have the right to act the way they do...its again "the national security fever"

thx to america!!!!!!!!

trailingspouse said...

Interesting. I wonder what the limit is before they start asking what you want it for? Last month I rocked up to Standard Chartered and drew out what would certainly be enough to buy a modest car in cash and nobody batted an eyelid. Similarly no comment when I paid it into Lloyds later that morning. Perhaps you just had a shifty look about you, Seabee!

shansenta said...

Yes Seabee, it is wierd sometimes the way these bank employees behave in the name of security! I tried 2 ways to counter that, and both of them worked fine in different circumstances.
First: Asked for the manager, who just chose to repeat the same questions as the clerk. At this point I just chose to tell him to satisfy with my identity card - instead of asking me reasons for withdrawl! A little while later, he chose not to take the chat further (maybe he was too ashamed for not being able to handle a customer fast!!). From next time, they recognise and respect me as a customer, and just ask for my ID card.
Second: I don't even bother to go to the bank... I go to the ATM at 11:55pm, take out maximum limit and then wait for 10 mins, to take out another maximum limit again! Two problems with this route. One - most banks have only 5K as the maximum limit, and Two - in that case you might be spending two alternate nights to get money out! I feel that's still a better option, especially on a Thu-Fri and Sat-Sun, since banking hours usually waste a long time in Queing!

secretdubai said...

It reminds me of those forms on aeroplanes where they ask you to tick the box if you're smuggling in nuclear material or illegal drugs or are a wanted criminal.

Yeah, right. Pass the baby milk...

Seabee said...

SD, I usd to love those 'are you planning to overthrow the government' questions too. I was always sorely tempted...

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