Thursday, August 17, 2006

No surprises here then.

I see the morons every day - reckless speeding, cutting in, ignoring road signs, jumping lights, illegal U turns, arrogant 'get out of my way' light flashing.

The results are predictable.

A report in today's Gulf News says that in Dubai we had nearly 1,000 crashes in the first six months of the year, deaths are up 42% over the first half of last year with 150 people killed. There were also 1,457 people injured.

Another report says that Dubai police issued 2,178 fines in the same period for jumping red lights. That's just the morons who were caught, I wonder what the real number is.


trailingspouse said...

Takes the licences off 'em, take the cars off 'em and then make them sit a driving test which means something. Starting with the driving instructors . . .

Grace said...

My family and I might be moving to Dubai soon and I am soo worried about these accidents! Japan has a very low rate of traffic accidents and drivers value LIFE, others and their own.