Friday, August 18, 2006

More on "planning"

Interesting comment on my piece ('Heads should roll') about the lack of thought that goes into planning our road system.

Anonymous said...

Having been through a few planning meetings the last two weeks on road, water and electrical infrastructure and realising just how detailed and exact Dubai Municipality's planning requirements are, it is still amazing to see the amount of mistakes being made.

Case in point is the wonderful new Arabian Ranches interchange. On paper it makes no sense. It is a whole jumble of overpasses, underpasses, crossings, mergers and every other term used to describe road mashed into one big blob.

Is it what I suspect? That 'planners' are brought in from overseas for their ability, but actually have no experience of building road systems such as those we need here?

Are they competent to design ten-lane freeways with multiple level interchanges, bridges and tunnels going off in all directions? Can they plan ahead to take account of the booming population & vehicle fleet?

The evidence of roads being redesigned after being open a few weeks seems to suggest that we've employed the wrong people.

A better package to attract the absolute top people for the job in hand would actually save a huge amount of money.


secretdubai said...

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Obviously I'm approving them all, but if you want to get them instantly posted (members bypass moderation, it's the way Blogger works) then just drop me an email and I'll send you a member invite.

Shaharazed said...

Hello, I just found your blog today. I found it interesting. I just came back from the UAE, Dubai after a 7 month stay. I found the place unbearable. More fast pace than where I'm at in the Pacific Northwest U.S.

Seabee said...

Hi Shaharazed. Even when I was here back in the seventies it was fast paced, that's the nature of Dubai. Now it's fast paced and crowded!