Saturday, July 15, 2006

Changing times in the City of Dust

Each time I come into Dubai Airport I swear the hike from the aircraft to the taxi stand takes almost as long as the flight. Is there another airport with such huge distances to walk?

Somehow I always land between two and three am after a sleepless night flight, then have to stumble miles along a seemingly endless corridor, climbing over the dozens of sleeping bodies strewn all over the place - not a good look for a self-proclaimed up-market destination I always think. When I do eventually reach the end and turn the corner...there's another identical miles-long corridor stretching beyond the horizon.

Eventually I do come to the end of it all and then into the e-gate machine. What a great time-saving invention that is, full marks for that. On to the taxi stand and, for the second consecutive time, a female taxi driver. Smart & clean in her uniform, polite, drove all the way down Sheikh Zayed Road to Dubai Marina below the speed limit and correctly using the indicators. I'll repeat that - below the speed limit and correctly using the indicators.

A male taxi driver who overtook us seemed to find a female driver a novelty. He glanced into our cab as he screamed passed, dropped back then pulled alongside gabbling at his three European passengers while pointing at our driveress. Stayed alongside for about a kilometre, eventually got bored so did the big macho number and hit the accelerator hard.

Singapore daytime was 31C and 'orribly 'umid - Dubai was the same at 3am. I actually found the humidity there much more oppressive, but I sure didn't miss the dust that swamped us as we drove through 'New Dubai'.


nzm said...

Welcome home!

At least by the end of the walk through DXB, if you checked in any luggage, it's normally there waiting for you on the carousel!

Yes - the egate is a wondrous thing!

trailingspouse said...

Welcome back!

Yes, who are all those people sleeping on the seats as you arrive at DXB? I wonder about them each time I arrive. Have they wandered there from the Departures Level, or are they trying to save on hotel costs for their first night here?