Monday, March 27, 2006

Traffic NOT gridlocked.

Drove from Burj al Arab to Dubai Marina around 4pm, along the recently-opened Al Sufouh Road. Probably over 100 vehicles on that stretch of road. I sat on the speed limit, which is 80kph, as did three, and only three, other vehicles. There was the usual mix of Porsches, 4x4s, little hatchbacks, construction traffic...

I was in the right-hand lane of course, but even so had a cement mixer flashing at me and driving centimetres from my tail trying to push me along.

The three other vehicles that stayed on the speed limit were a beaten up old truck, way overloaded and obviously incapable of any more speed, a Big Bus tour and ... wait for it...a taxi. Yes folks, a Dubai taxi staying at the speed limit. He was in the correct lane too.

Let's hear it for driver of taxi registration 1130.

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