Sunday, May 01, 2011

Signs of the times

Here's some signage I stumbled across in the UK which caught my attention.

The first isn't unique to the UK of course, the stupidity is world-wide.

A packet of peanuts...with an allergy warning to buyers that it contains nuts and may contain traces of nuts.

You'd hope a packet of peanuts would have at least traces of nuts, wouldn't you.

Then a couple of local signs.

An obviously dissastisfied customer of the  enclosure solutions operative  wanted the passing world to know of his frustration.

A reply was added by said fencing contractor:

And another, this one a classic of the way the bureaucratic mind thinks so differently from the rest of us.

From their parallel world you get this:

A bureaucrat sees the overgrown shrub, goes back to the office, writes a notice, gets it printed and laminated, goes back to the site and pins the notice in place. Then presumably puts in a requisition to the environmental solutions department to carry out the necessary landscaping.

A non- bureaucrat would simply have gone back with a pair of shears and trimmed the offending leaves.


Mich said...

If only you saw the Arabic stickers pasted on products at the supermarkets in Dubai... It really makes you despair and realize how dependent and crap Google translate is. As for bureaucrats! ... where to start hehehe :-)

mikapoka said...

Hi Seabee, hope you're doing fine.
Love your quick-witted posts and the 'solutions' buzzword is really overwhelming (you have to see the plethora of it in Italian shop signs). All the best, ciao!

Saurabh said...

That's not stupid advice on the package. Taking something for obvious meant manufacturers didn't report traces of some contents in their products.

I am allergic to milk and milk products and I have had to go through a lot of trouble due to inadequate content reporting on food items (and yes, I do read the complete ingredients).

Making this a general mandate ensures that EVERY product reports it.

Even if it means that it is reported on 'obvious' items, I'd rather it was there, than not.