Sunday, January 17, 2010


I've posted a couple of times about Sam the koala, injured in last summer's Black Saturday bushfires, Australia's worst ever fires.

The first time was when this photo appeared...

Photo: Russell Vickery. Herald Sun

...and later when it was reported that the koala had died, not from the fires but from an unrelated disease.

I guess we're now at the final chapter in the story because it's reported that the animal will be stuffed and put on display.

I'm not sure I'm entirely comfortable with that.

Anyway, the story says that:

The female koala survived the fires but later died from the disease Chlamydia.

Sam's body has been preserved, and will become part of a bushfire memorial display at the Melbourne Museum.

The Museum's chief executive, Dr Patrick Greene, says Sam now has a special place in Victoria's history.

The ABC story is here.


Sadar said...

This pic is really cute. See the feeling of love in those eyes!it's sad it died. Really painful!

Media Junkie said...

isn't chlamydia an STD? Someone was very naughty *insane giggle*

on the other hand, it's quite sad she died. Stuffing it seems a bit creepy.

Bush Mechanic said...

Since the Melbourne Museum modernised and became all politically correct, (put in a Neighbors studio set and removed things people wanted to actually see etc) she will find her new home to be very peaceful and quite. The museum is more tranquil than many cemeteries.