Saturday, April 04, 2009

Great moments in design

There are a couple of classics of bad design in one small area of Dubai Marina.

How's this for probably the worst bit of road design in town?

A bridge across the marina which like all the others is a dual-carriageway. But this one cuts across another busy road.


The answer to the stuff up was to remove a section of the bridge's central reservation, create an intersection and add a small roundabout:

Now as we know, the road rule for roundabouts is give way to traffic on your left. But with this one the traffic zooming across the bridge tends to simply keep going. Well, it looks just like all the other dual-carriageway bridges so it's understandable.

Now there are 'Stop' signs and rumble strips on every approach to the roundabout - but they're not a hundred percent successful, as you would expect.

If you drive across the bridge to JBR there's a public car park in one of the buildings.

I used it the other day, looked in vain for the stairs down to street level and asked the car park attendant where it was.

"No stairs sir"

"So how do I go down?"

He pointed to the car access ramp.

"That's the only way?"

"Yes sir"

I have three questions.

Who designed this stuff?

Who approved it for construction?

Are they still in their jobs?


Media Junkie said...

its efficient - the ramp walkways will decrease the number of motorists, therefore the number of cars.

samuraisam said...

I experienced the same thing at JBR; the ramp isn't large enough to accommodate pedestrians and cars at the same time. Not only that, but the entire 'the walk' is poorly designed, there is no website with a map that I could find on Google, there is no explanation as to which of the 5 area's you'd actually want to visit. I had to walk the entire length of it just to find what I wanted!

IMHO, Knowledge Village is probably the epitome of bad design, it's over 6 years old now and they still haven't made up their mind about the roads. There isn't enough parking, and the whole thing is pretty much a joke.

ZeTallGerman said...

Oh yes, Knowledge Village is just one big archeological dig site! And the problem with the parking ramp? The visitor's parking in the DIFC seems to have the same issue.