Monday, January 07, 2008

We have weather!

That's a photo taken a couple of days ago, today we have just about everything.

People who don't live here are always surprised when I mention any weather other than hot and sunny. "But you live in the desert" is the usual response.

Today we have a winter shamal, the wind that blasts in from the north-west bringing colder temperatures and plenty of dust. Visibility isn't good this morning and it's going to get worse because the forecast is for gale force winds this afternoon.

We also have some rain over Dubai, earlier it was in Satwa and by about 10am it was around Dubai Marina. Not heavy, but enough for me to have to use the car windscreen wipers.

Up in Ras Al Khaimah they've had heavy rain and hail while the East coast has had light rain.

A motorist is reported killed in RAK when he lost control of his car in the hail storm

The Met. Centre says we're going to have the unsettled weather for a few days, with lower temperatures.


Bridget Jones said...

Very nice shot!

Bridget is waiting for the rain too! Maybe all rain-lovers should have a red indian rain dance ha!

i*maginate said...

I like this kinda weather, speshly the yellowish skies...

They did settle down, after complaints!