Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Here's the answer

Just a PS to my last post about the disastrous mis-use of the emergency numbers.

One of the comments was:

Rose in Dubai said...

My problem is, if you need the police and you're not anywhere near a phone book what number do you use? Its not a number I carry in my head, or on my phone for that matter (maybe I should).

Maybe another easy number for non-emergencies would be a good idea??

I have the answer in my wallet, credit card size, but I can't remember how I came by it.


But the job was only half done.

The information prepared in easy-to-carry form and it was obviously available because I got hold of one.

This is something that should be part of the public awareness campaign I was talking about.

It should be printed in millions and freely available everywhere.


Rose in Dubai said...

OK, that's useful but only if you know where you are in relation to the nearest police station.

I was once advised by a policeman in the UK that you should always ring 999 for the police because that way they could direct the nearest officer to the situation - because the 999 section had direct access to all the police radios. If I dialed the local police station they only had access to their own guys.

Seabee said...

But that means non-emergency calls are clogging up the emergency system Rose. And it seems the police here and in the UK are advising people to do it!