Friday, October 19, 2007

Sandstorms in Dubai.

LDU left a question on my last posting, asking whether we have sandstorms in Dubai.

We do, but thankfully not too often. In fact we get thick fog much more often than we get sandstorms. Imagine what that does to Dubai's traffic accident statistics!

So for LDU and anyone else who's interested, here are some photos taken by Mrs Seabee as we drove through a recent sandstorm.

The first two are on Sheikh Zayed Road by Dubai Marina:

The next one is Jebel Ali Village on a normal day:

And the same view when a sandstorm was brewing up:

Fortunately we got home before it became too bad.


i*maginate said...

Mrs. Seabee takes such wonderful shots, would love to see the same creativity in written form. Wishful thinking? :)

Please send her my regards :)

LDU said...

Cheers for those pics. I am assuming that lots of sand will be deposited all over rooftops and roads then?