Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I found some more...

Secret Dubai left a link on the last post to a great Dubai Christmas photo, and that got me searching through my own photos for my particular favourite. I came across a few others too, so here they are first:

And then away from the luxury of Madinat Jumeirah into beautiful downtown Karama:

Over to Deira to Naif Souk:

And here's my favourite. That fat man in red gets everywhere - I think this was around Al Faheidi Street.

Oh, and the link to SD's photo is here. I think it's Mary Christmas...or perhaps a working girl who'd wandered into Jumbo Electronics by mistake?


LDU said...

Have you spent a night at the burj hotel in your top photo?

Seabee said...

LDU, no I've never stayed at the Burj Al Arab and have no desire to do so. I've had a look around the hotel though and it is an amazing place.