Thursday, June 14, 2007

Welcome, if overdue.

A press release in Gulf News today announces that Civil Defence stations are to be built in 'New Dubai' with work already started.
Inevitably the information is confusing but I think it's saying that we will have a total of six new stations including one at Dubai Marina and another at Jebel Ali. Others will be in Port Saeed, Umm Al Sheif, Leseily and Al Barsha.
The cream-bun shaped thing on the roof is an observation tower so that they can keep an eye on things.
A very welcome addition to the vital infrastructure even though it's years late - things like this should have been in place when the first occupants started to move in.
We have a strange mixture in Dubai - visionary thinking and planning for 50 years ahead at one end of the spectrum and events on the ground playing catch-up years late thanks to no planning at all.
The story is here.

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