Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Salik is not designed to ease congestion.

For whatever reason and in spite of the RTA's pronouncements on the subject, the new toll system is not designed to ease traffic on the stretch of Sheikh Zayed Road between the tollgates.

I'm not going to voice an opinion, I'll simply point out the facts.

1/. Vehicles can drive on the section at any point between the tollgates without charge.

2/. Signs outside the toll section direct traffic onto it, for example in Bur Dubai, Jumeirah, Jebel Ali.

3/. Signs on SZR within the toll section tell drivers how to avoid the toll by taking a minor detour around the tollgates.

Our esteemed RTA says the toll is for no other reason than to divert 25% of the traffic from the toll stretch of SZR. The facts say otherwise.

So is the toll a revenue-raising exercise, a tax that dare not speak its name? An example of incompetence by the RTA? An example of their inability to think things through properly?


Alexander said...

Well, it's all been a bit dodgily communicated, but originally there was talk of up to 70 toll gates. And if you go to Jebel Ali, Qusais and Business Bay, you'll see signs saying 'Salik 2km' - and there's no Salik gate within 2km of these places...



CG said...

Totally unprofessional.

I love the idea of tolls, but PULLEEZ, in the right places and the right time.