Saturday, December 16, 2006

The tragedies...

Cooler weather, and even some rain, over many of the fires has meant that there's been a temporary reprieve.

For some.

Every fire leaves tragedies, from lost homes & belongings to lives lost and animals killed in their thousands.Today's news reports start to tell some of the stories from the fires in Victoria and Tasmania.

Firefighters caught in blaze.

A number of New Zealand firefighters have been injured while battling blazes on campsites north of Melbourne.

One has critical burns, four suffered burns and smoke inhalation while another suffered smoke inhalation.

Fire victim was helping a mate protect his home.

DONALD Dosser, the man who was killed defending a mate's home from fire, has been described as a "real mate who helped anyone who was in trouble".

Mr Dosser, 48, of Longford, died on Thursday while protecting a property at Seaton.

Gutted residents will stay and rebuild.

AS GRAHAM Harker rushed from work to his burning Stoney Creek home, knocking over fences and racing through charred paddocks, the glare coming from where he used to live was almost too much to bear.

"I got to the gate and all I could see here was flames coming out of the doors and the windows and great columns of smoke." They have little left, apart from their car, some clothes and photo albums and their dogs, Bob and Brandy.

Theirs was one of 11 houses razed in the Toongabbie district on Thursday afternoon.

In Cowwarr, concrete stumps, twisted corrugated iron and rubble are all that is left of Alex Krstic's three-bedroom weatherboard house. No possessions were saved. All Mr Krstic, his wife, Lynda, and 13-year-old daughter, Shelby, have are the clothes they were wearing.

And when everyone living in Australia knows exactly what bushfires mean, this is just incomprehensible to me:

Police want to question teenagers.

POLICE were last night searching for two teenagers over a fire that began at Coopers Creek, south-east of Erica, that led to the death of a Longford man and the loss of several houses.

And this is what we all know bushfires mean:

An apocalyptic sky descends over Bairnsdale, south Gippsland,
early on Thursday afternoon, growing darker, and scarier,
as the day wore on, The nearest fires were still at least 30kms away.
Photo: Ahren Morris/The Age

Street lights and headlights come on in Bairnsdale yesterday - at 2pm.
Photo: Natalie Fisher/The Age

Lynda and Alex Krstic tried to defend their Cowwarr house but lost it and all their
possessions when they had to flee the fires.
Photo: Paul Rovere/The Age

Homes were destroyed in the Gippsland area when fire raced through late
Thursday afternoon. Photo. Jason South/The Age

This would have been full of wildlife.
Photo. Jason South/The Age

Firefighters caught in blaze

Fire victim was helping a mate protect his home

Gutted residents will stay and rebuild

Police want to question teenagers


moryarti said...

very sad indeed... its catastrophic how a man's life can totally change in a just blink

Anonymous said...

it's so sad that any of these tradgedys had to happen because of someone trying to get a thrill! i just wonder if they had any idea of just how much impact it would have, the wind was very eerie that day (as i live not far from the affected areas and have immediately affected family members)and it was so quick. Really it was just another morning not having been outside i received a phone call from a family member saying "pack your photos im coming to get you and the kids" and from that moment on there was a surreal sort of panic and then going out the front of my home it felt as though it was a scene from a movie the wind was whirling but all seemed to be silent as i was looking around me it felt as though the world for a split second was in slow motion although there were helicopters and fire trucks and people in cars looking confused it was like nothing i have ever seen and hope to never experience again that day my aunty and uncle lost their home and all posessions only worrying about defending their home for as long as they could luckily they escaped with their lives intact. My friends parents were trapped and felt sure to die but luckily they and their home was spared (Just!)
and the fire just picked this house and that. So who is this person who lit the fire out to hurt! they unleashed fury that day the effects couldn't possibly have been predicted this person is just as out of control as the fires they light and needs to take responsibility for the devistation they have caused!