Sunday, December 31, 2006

The 'planners' are at it again!

I've complained several times before about the bad planning, or lack of planning, that Dubai suffers from.

Here's another example, buried away in the Gulf News Business Section lead story by Robert Ditcham. Headed 'No rent relief in 2007' the story explains that construction delays on major projects mean that demand will continue to outstrip supply for a long time to come.

More than halfway into the story is reference to Jumeirah Beach Residence, the world's single largest residential development apparently. This year was hand-over time, but now it's 'the first quarter of next year.' Why?

The report says: "...a series of adjustments to the infrastructure plan has put back delivery."


Why do they need to 'adjust' the infrastructure plan? Why wasn't it worked out professionally and correctly in the first place?

The roads obviously won't cope, that's apparent to anyone who simply stands and looks at the number of towers & apartments and then at the road system. One is much bigger than the other - guess which.

It also looks as though there won't be anywhere near enough parking space. Yet again.

Both those problems are endemic to Dubai thanks to the incompetence of our 'planners'. Is that what needs 'adjusting' now, or have they discovered, at this late stage, something else the 'planners' didn't correctly plan for.

No rent relief in 2007


samuraisam said...

Heh. With all the complaining I do about car park designs, road design / road capacity etc my mother has always suggested I should become a town planner.

nzm said...

And don't get Grumpy Gpoat started on that subject either!

The towers are nowhere near finished - some of them haven't got all their cladding, there are a couple that are far from being topped off, and all the cranes are disappearing.

I believe that they're deliberately being delayed to increase the demand for existing housing.

Happy New Year Seabee!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed seeing your photos of old Dubai. I lived in Dubai in the "Good Ole Days" and have started to put some of my old photos on the Net at
Your photos brought back lots of memories of traffic free roads (but not many of them). clean, safe and usually empty beaches, friendly community atmosphere but not much in the supermarkets!

Seabee said...

sam, you couldn't do any worse and I'm sure you'd probably do better. Give it a go!

nzm,yes, they're way off from being finished, there's a huge amount to be done. Maybe you're right with the conspiracy theory! Happy New Year to you and J too.

mealone, hi and welcome. Thanks for the site info - I'll visit it to have a look later this evening.