Thursday, August 04, 2011

Solutions drivel

I've been letting a few examples of ridiculous corporate gobbledegook pass without comment, plus a few with the use of my hate word 'solutions'.

But there's such a classic combination of the two in a Gulf News report this morning that I have to share the gibberish with you.

They've even managed to get three 'solutions' into one sentence.

It's a short report about the link between Mubadala and Virgin Australia and includes this company statement:

"Leveraging the full scope of Mubadala Aerospace's global MRO [maintenance, repair and overhaul] capabilities, some services will also be completed out of Abu Dhabi Aircraft Technologies, SR Technics' sister company. These agreements will cover full nose-to-tail integrated component solutions and are complemented with a component financing solution from Sanad Aero Solutions"

The report is here.


Keefieboy said...

That's real fingers down throat stuff SeaBee - well done!

Charles Leahy said...

Thanks for all the info much appreciated!