Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Brits & weather

Three weeks in the UK and I've fallen into the habit of the weather being the first topic of conversation.

Our first week was warm and sunny, so was the third - in fact the Daily Telegraph ran a story last week headed "Heatwave to stay...with chance of 25C today"

But the week between was wet, cloudy and the temperature struggled to a peak of thirteen or fourteen celcius. But that doesn't stop the Brits stripping off if the sun comes out. 

We were huddled in a coffee shop, hiding from the eleven degrees and howling wind that took it much lower, when several women walked by enjoying the sunshine dressed like this:

Later in the week in Devon the temp dropped even more. The car told us that in the afternoon it was eight degrees:

And a few minutes later, even though there was no sunshine, they were in T-shirts, shorts, thin blouses to enjoy the balmy weather:

Last week someone said to me that people had been complaining about the cold since about November but a day of warm sunshine and they were already moaning about the unbearable heat.

I have hundreds of photos of our trip to sort out of course and I might post a few soon. More importantly, I found a bag of forgotten photos of Dubai back in the seventies so I'll be able to do a new 'Old Dubai' post when I've sorted them and enhanced the faded ones.


Luke said...

Maybe the excess body fat on the people in your photos was keeping them warm.

Grumpy Goat said...

Last week I got stuck in traffic on London's North Circular Road. Temp 27C and no aircon.

"I'm mel-l-l-ting!"

Keefieboy said...

Those pics are gross.

Seabee said...

Keefie, sure it's the pics that are gross?

Luke, it's noticeable that each time we go to the UK there seem to be more and more people of a generous size, the women in particular.

Mr Goat, I was stuck in a jam on the M25 for 2 hours at that sort of temp - but I always hire a car with a/c so I was OK. Nahnananana.