Sunday, February 06, 2011

Cyclones, floods & fires

Mother Nature is dominating the news here in Oz, showing that we're a real land of extremes.

As I said yesterday, in Sydney we've had a record hot spell.

Overnight was as uncomfortable as predicted, it was still 30C at midnight and humidity up in the ninety percent area.

Then a southerly buster came through with a thunderstorm at 3pm today and at 5pm we were at 20C.

Up in far North Queensland they're counting the $billions of damage after Cyclone Yasi.

Photo:Dave Hunt AAP

 In Victoria they're battleing huge floods across a lot of the state, with extensive stock losses and damage.

Photo: Nadine Walker ninensm

And right now over in Western Australia out-of-control bushfires are raging through suburbs of Perth.


The current situation is that 20 homes have been destroyed, mass evacuations are under way and firefighters are deperately trying to defend houses.

Monday Update

The Perth fires are still out of control, with 59 homes destroyed and 28 damaged.


Sarah Walton said...

My granny thinks it's the end of the world - fine for her, she's 93...

Seabee said...

Sarah, I bet you have a proper granny too. I keep meaning to do a post about the kids who will have (already have?) a granny called Kylie who has tattoos and body piercings!