Friday, November 05, 2010

Climate change is here

We've certainly got climate change this month.

My view in Spring is usually like this...

Blue sky, blue sea, sunshine, warmth.

Half of the time I've been back it's been like this...

Grey sky, grey sea, raining, cold.

We're into November and I have the heating on, something I can't remember doing in November before.

Cricket is on at the Sydney Cricket Ground - a one day international against Sri Lanka - but rain's just stopped play, the covers are on, it's only 4.30pm but they have the lights on.

Football weather, not cricket weather. It's not like any Spring I remember.


Dina said...

Wow, what a huge difference between those two photos! Climate change is wreaking havoc indeed.

Seabee said...

Dina, but today is perfect, how a late Spring day in Oz should be. Clear blue sky, sunshine, 27C, crystal clear air...

Anonymous said...

The Middle Finger Syndrome

Seabee, at the outset let me apologize for going off the topic in my comment here.

I am in Melbourne for a short visit and noted that the drivers like to give the middle finger during bad traffic. Probably explains why some of them are not able to avoid this habbit when in ME.

Anyways, when travelling by a cab on Friday evening traffic, I saw that a lady gave the middle finger to the cab driver who was not giving her way (not the cab driver's fault, he is equally frustrated with the traffic). Not surprisingly, the driver was an Arab (probably from North Africa). Being in Australia he couldnt do anything.

I used to be upset when the westerners were jailed and deported in the ME for that gesture (i am not saying that the gesture is right; its just the punishment is a bit too harsh).

But now that I have seen what happens downunder, I guess things are even or in other words, things are equally bad.

Seabee said...

Anon@10.34, every so often I've done a 'reality check' posting on the similarities around the world. In the Dubai bubble people often forget that many of the things we complain about are just as bad in other cities.

adweb studio - Dubai Web Design said...

Wow .. I wish I was there when weather was looked like second picture:( I am far away from my City (Dubai).

Dubai Property said...

What a climate change and I like these two weathers. Each one of them has its own joys. I often get bored at places where where weather doesn't change frequently.

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