Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Black magic again...but in Oz this time.

I quite often post about black magic practitioners operating here, a regular one being that you can double your money with magic chemicals.

I've just been browsing one of Sydney's local newspapers, the North Shore Times, and the same scam has popped up there.

I find it hard to believe but the story says that three business owners from Victoria payed around A$160,000 for chemicals that would double their money.

I'll let you know when we get stories about genies in Sydney.

The story's here.


nzm said...

Yeah - I read this with disbelief too. But then, when I was living in Melbourne, I also read that Australians were scammed out of approx. AUD$1 billion in 2008 through fake lotteries, phishing, chain letters and online dating sites, and that's only from the people who admit to being done!

It's frightening amounts when you consider how much info there is out there warning against these activities, but the elderly, the greedy, the gullible and not-so-savvy computer users get sucked in every time.

kayani said...

Who doesn't love some extra $$$??

After reading your post and recollecting my knowledge of Business Management 101, the guys did the right thing. Put their money in a "RISKY Investment".

Too bad, it didn't pay off. Its' time to come up with with a better business strategy guys.

a question of a question said...

"I find it hard to believe . . . . "

Why do you find it hard to believe? Why do you think that such things only happen in the ME??

May be you haven't lived down under for a while now, but people ain't that smart there.

Seabee said...

QofaQ, the reasons that I find it hard to believe Melbourne business owners would believe in witchcraft ar so blindingly obvious that if you haven't seen them yourself there's no point me explaining.

"Why do you think that such things only happen in the ME??"
I don't believe it only happens in the ME, where did you think you read me saying that?

"May be you haven't lived down under for a while now, but people ain't that smart there."
Every country has its share of stupid people, but that's a big statement to make about 22 million people.

Anonymous said...
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Styela said...

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manya tyagi said...

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