Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Back from the English summer.

Back in humid dusty Dubai after two weeks in humid wet England.

We missed this year's English summer by less than a week, it was a sunny 31C a couple of days before we arrived. Although overall it was showery we did get the whole variety of weather with rain, showers, clouds, bright warm sunshine, cold wind. They don't give humidity levels in the weather reports but it's always unrelentingly high and very uncomfortable.

The countryside is always beautiful though and I love the history.

Not only that but I enjoy the food.

English cuisine has an unfair reputation I think, it's not the cuisine that's the problem but the way it's generally been cooked. The trend has been to overcook everything, so the veggies are soggy, the meat leathery, the fish dry.

They're coming to grips with it though and now you can get well cooked food it's demonstrating what great combinations the dishes are.

That's always been the key to the cuisine I've thought - fish, chips & peas; roast beef & Yorkshire pudding; liver, bacon, onions and mash.

We ate mainly in country pubs - steak & ale pie, venison, gammon & eggs, that sort of stuff.

The best meals of all though were home made...like this home made steak & ale pie with potatoes, peas, runner beans and broad beans which were growing in the garden half an hour earlier. Nothing tastes as good as that.

As usual I have hundreds of photos to sort through and I'll post a few of the more interesting ones over the next few days.

Two weeks without a computer, two weeks with no news of Dubai so it's into the blogs to see if I missed anything...

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nzm said...

You didn't miss anything of life-changing importance. That food looks far more important to me than any news!