Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Seeing double

My piece last month about the new air-conditioned bus stops appearing along Al Sufouh Road attracted the comment "...there's only enough space for about 10 people inside..."

Very true. Here's the RTA's answer:


nzm said...

Are they designed like that so when the shamal hits them, they just roll over? :-)

k2 said...

Hi. I've never been to Dubai but I happen to stumble on your blog. Just wondering, how are those air conditioning bus stops powered? How is dubai enjoying these sort of bus stops? I find them quite interesting!

M. Majora said...


Probably by their oodles and oodles of oil.

Gonna have to switch when they start to run dry. :)

Seabee said...

m.majora, no, Dubai actually has very little oil, it's only about 6% of the economy.

k2, they're powered by the normal electricity supply.