Monday, April 16, 2007

Security? What security

A Wafi Mall jewellery store was hit yesterday evening by four masked gunmen who drove two cars into the mall, emptied the store and drove out again. The cars were found later, burnt out.

Apart from the fact that this is such a rarity in Dubai, to me there's an interesting little side issue.

We have 'security' everywhere - gated communities popping up all over, with the ubiquitous red & white barrier pole and a couple of 'security' guards in a little hut, many hotels have the same thing, every second shop in the malls seems to have a guard or guards, the hypermarkets have more 'security' guards standing at the check-outs than there are check-out staff, 'security' men wander around every mall, the banks have them standing around. There must be literally thousands of 'security' guards in Dubai.

It's window dressing.

They don't actually provide any security.

Example: In Mall of the Emirates one afternoon a scuffle broke out between two men. 'Security' guards nearby looked at the commotion...and walked quickly in the opposite direction. People have been told they're in a no-smoking area and should put out their cigarettes - they simply ignore the 'security' guard. I've been into gated communities without any reason to be there, simply to have a look around. I say officiously "I'm going over there" and point vaguely, so they let me through.

They're certainly not going to tackle armed bandits, nor would you expect them to.

Stand by for more construction work around all the malls, as they put in concrete bollards to stop ramraiders driving cars into the malls.

It's very sad, but inevitable I suppose, that Dubai is getting this kind of crime. One of the things I've always pointed out to visitors is there's been no need for security around the gold souk. Millions of dollars-worth of gold and jewellery just sitting there with, at most, one cop dozing on a seat.

If it does happen it's all new to the police, they have no experience of it so the bandits have a good chance of getting away. I guess we're going to get increasing preventative measures; let's hope that we do and that they keep Dubai as crime free and safe as it's been.


Dubai Sunshine said...

Totally agree with you. "Security" is just useless...Anyway, most of those "security" guys look like they could fall down if the wind blew a little too strongly :)

caz said...

Obviously a problem. The ram raiders in Sydney are getting away with ATMs which are not light. Smash through the window etc smash into the ATM, load it on to a truck and way, around five minutes. They are 50% successfl most of the time.


Anonymous said...

useless i agree