Thursday, March 15, 2007

Ladies & gentlemen, we got him.

So Khalid Sheikh Mohammed has confessed to being responsible for all the terrorist attacks over the last ten years.

That's good then, BushW can declare victory and withdraw - from EyeRak, from Afghanistan, from the very War on Tear itself. The Good Guys won.

I might add that I'm surprised KSM didn't admit to assassinating JFK, pushing Jack down the hill and being the killer of Cock Robin too.

One of the reports is here


Mubarak said...

Strange, your post did not arouse many responses.

I might add you got great sense of political humour!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It just shows how many people round the World did not believe it.

The USA are proving to the World just how dumb they are when it comes to understanding anything, outside of the USA.