Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Sub crashes into supertanker

An American nuclear powered submarine has crashed into a 330 metre long Japanese oil tanker in the Gulf.

Three hundred and thirty metres long, painted white, weighs tens of thousands of tonnes, makes a noise, can be seen by the naked eye and by radar.

AP/Gulf News

Was a Dubai car driver in control of the submarine?

Nuclear powered folks. It has a nuclear reactor on board. It's not the sort of thing we want crashing into big solid objects.

All the talk seems to have been about the threat of oil leaks, which thankfully appear to be zero.

But I must say I have more concerns about nuclear spillage on my doorstep.

Could we have a serious investigation please, to make sure that it doesn't happen again. And that whoever was responsible has his licence cancelled.

Here's the story: Vessel traffic unaffected


nzm said...


And they want to sell mini-subs to all the owners of The Palm properties when a full-blown US sub with all the bells and whistles can't avoid hitting a supertanker!

trailingspouse said...

Hey, the driver of the sub was flashing his lights . . . it's the tanker's fault, he should have pulled over!