Friday, February 10, 2006

Emiratisation of HR.

"The human resources sector will soon be only for UAE nationals, if the emiratisation of the public relations officer sector is successful, the Minister of Labour confirmed yesterday".
Gulf News report.

Public Relations is a misnomer for the job they actually do of course - it's really Government Department Relations and it's a good idea to have Emiratis doing it. But Human Resouces? That's a highly specialised area, requiring not only the right personality but specialised training, experience, knowledge of the Immigration & Labour laws and a million other things. If HR can be nominated, why not Financial Advisors? Or Car Mechanics? Or anything else? For the sake of Dubai's workers, let's hope HR to the Labour Ministry means something different, in the same way that PRO does.

Putting people into the job because of their nationality rather than aptitude & ability just ain't gonna work...

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nzm said...

Yes - you should see Jenny Foreigner's take on this piece of news.

Read about her experiences in her post titled "The Incredible Disincentivising Government" Marks I & II!